Tapping News Organizations

  • CNN  is the place to catch the most current news reports from around the world.
  • Newseum   is an interactive museum of news. Check out the Journalist of the Day along with the day�s top news.
  • Newspaper Association of America  is the unified voice of the newspaper industry. Link to the latest news about news and to newspapers around the country.
  • International Student Newswire KidNews  features news, profiles, Kidtalk, sports, and links to other fun sites on the Web.
  • Global SchoolNet  has a resource archive and features KidChronicles, a source for news and articles about current events written by young people around the globe.
  • Children�s Express   is a news service produced by kids ages 8-18. Includes an online newsroom through which you can get story assignments and file your stories online. There might be a CE bureau in your area and many CE stories actually get published in major U.S. newspapers.
  • MiddleZine Magazine  is an electronic magazine originating at Hudson Middle School, Hudson, Ohio that features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, opinions, film and book review, and other writing by middle schoolers around the country and the world.

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