Graphic Organizers

These graphic organizers will help your students organize their thoughts and plan their writing.

GO 1-1    Newspaper Section Inspection

GO 1-2    What They Do/Skills They Need

GO 1-4    5 Ws

GO 1-5a  Classifying Facts and Opinions

GO 1-5b  Expressing an Opinion

GO 1-5c   Identifying Fact and Opinion

GO 1-6    Organization by Paragraph

GO 1-7    Five Steps to a Successful Story

GO 1-8    Getting Ready to Write

GO 2-1    What�s the Story?

GO 2-2    Getting into Print

GO 2-5    Get to the Point

GO 3-1    Where to Look

GO 3-2    Web Search

GO 4-1    Stories with Attitude

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