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Tracing the Story of Journalism in the United States

The story of journalism follows the story of our nation from its colonial beginnings to the present day. Find �firsts� and other important events in American journalism here on The Write Site journalism time line. Look for answers to some of your questions about the development of journalism under FAQs.

Creating Human Interest: Famous Journalists and Photojournalists

People bring us the news. They give us the inside story. They show us who, what, where, when, and why. Meet some of yesterday�s and today�s star journalists and photojournalists here.

Identifying Career Opportunities

If you are thinking about pursuing journalism as your future career, look here to find out more about what your opportunities might be. Find out which jobs might best suit you, learn what qualifications you need to become a journalist, and link to colleges and universities that offer programs in journalism.

Tapping News Organizations

Get the latest news from around the world and access professional as well as student-run publications that will give you ideas and help sharpen your skills.

Cool Sites for Students

Have some fun going on Internet scavenger hunts, reading kid stories, and checking out the Museum of Unnatural Mystery and the Discovery Channel.

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