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     Who? The Write Site has been developed by ThinkTVNetwork. The Write Site is made possible by a grant from the Ohio Educational Telecommunications Network Commission in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Education in support of the Ohio SchoolNet initiative.

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LEXIS-NEXIS  COX  The Mazer Corporation

     What?  The Write Site is a multimedia language arts curriculum that makes the process of telling a story fun. Students take on the role of journalists�generating leads, gathering facts, and writing stories�using the tools and techniques of real-life journalists.

The Write Site is specially designed for middle school students. The Write Site�s instructional activities will improve students� skills while helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.

     Where?   The Write Site is designed for use in middle school language arts classrooms across the state of Ohio.

     When?   Please call ThinkTVNetwork toll-free at 888-876-1416 for more information about The Write Site professional development.

     Why?   The Write Site links reading, writing, and technology to improve the skills of teachers and students.