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How to Do Research

Stop here for tips on planning your research and evaluating sources.

Finding Data on the Internet

This is a journalist�s guide to some of the best resources online to check facts, find statistics and track down reputable information. Various universities and media organizations use this site for sources. If you want to find information online, this is your starting point.

Museums and Online Libraries

Go on virtual tours of national museums, such as the Smithsonian, and access libraries that exist only on the Internet.

Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)

This link gives you access to all Ohio public libraries, as well as national libraries, other state libraries, U.S. school libraries, and even worldwide libraries. Log on to electronic library catalogs and find sources without leaving your computer.


Access the customized LEXIS-NEXIS research library which contains full-length newspaper articles from more than 200 newspapers and news magazines from around the world. You will need your teacher�s password to get access to this link.