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The NEWSROOM is divided into four main areas where you and your class can begin researching and writing your own news stories. Enter the NEWSROOM to discover cool facts and fun links to newspapers and news agencies around the world.

     Features Desk  Find out about the history of journalism in the United States and read profiles of famous journalists and photojournalists. Check out career opportunities and links to news organizations and student-run publications from around the country.

     Research Beat  Sometimes you have to play the role of detective to uncover the facts needed to write a news story. Here you will find researching tips, links to Ohio public libraries, museums, online libraries, as well as access to the customized LEXIS-NEXIS research library.

     Style Section  Getting it down on paper may be the hardest part. Use writing tips from real-life journalists to improve your news stories and develop your own writing style. Learn to use a journal to capture story ideas and improve your writing ability.

     Classroom Challenge  Check this out when you are in the mood for fun and a little competition. See how you stack up against other classes around the state in monthly writing, reading, and researching contests.

The EDITOR�S DESK gives teachers access to the curriculum materials from The Write Site Instructional Guide. Download lesson descriptions, task cards, graphic organizers, and checklists. Connect with other sites on the Web for additional resources and professional development information.

The NEWSSTAND is the electronic meeting place for Write Site students and teachers. Here you can hook-up, connect, and electronically collaborate with Write Site participants from across the state. Share your work in progress or publish your own class newspaper. This is where classrooms can come together.

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